Monday, October 29, 2012

31 Days of Vintage; Days 14-22

Yep, I'm still a slacker. ;) Now that it's cooling off I'm able to wear more of my fabulous vintage pieces.  I've even been packing them in my suitcase and wearing them while I'm traveling. I come home more on the weekends and always wear at least one vintage piece when I hang out with my girls!

I've decided that I'm only going to sell the pieces that I have with me while I'm on the road. I took about 400 pieces of vintage to the consignment store that I sell out of. It just became too much of a task for me to sell and travel at the same time.

Enough small talk, below are days 14-21 of vintage. Enjoy!
Taken in Myrtle Beach. Vintage pants, necklace, braclet and purse
Taken in Indianapolis. Vintage high waisted pants, blazer and Gucci bag

 Also taken in Indianapolis. Vintage high waisted pants and blouse

 Taken in Atlanta. Vintage blouse with gold detail

Taken in Atlanta. Vintage sequin blouse, leather jacket, purse and high waisted suede shorts
Taken in Atlanta. Vintage blouse and high waisted shorts

Taken in Atlanta. Vintage dress and leather jacket

Taken in Atlanta. Vintage blouse, purse, neckla and shoes (i'm in flats! can you believe it)

 And today! Vintage jacket, boots, leather shirt and purse

Live..Life..Fabulously   T Violet 

Thursday, August 30, 2012

32 Days of Vintage, Day 13!

So this day wasn't just any day, it was actually my graduation! I finally finished my Master's!!!! I went straight through but I promise it feels like it took just as long as it did to get my BS. I had a great time, my family came to watch me cross the stage (although my mother, sister and nephews got there 5 minutes after I'd sat down). It was a long struggle but I'm happy I stuck in there despite wanting to give up, it has paid off in the end! Never give up on your dreams!
Now, under that cap and gown was a very fabulous vintage dress that I purchased while in Dallas. I knew I wanted to wear something vintage for graduation but I wasn't sure what. When I put the dress on my little niece looked at me like I had on a trash bag she said "you're wearing that" mind you she's 6. lol After she told me how she didn't like it she suggest I put on my vintage green blazer and a skirt, and I did but I didn't like it as much as the dress. Look at me taking fashion tips from a 6 year old, but she's a little me so she has good taste but I could tell she was disappointed I wore this dress. lol Look at the pattern and tell me it's not super cute!
Thanks for reading!

Live..Life.. Fabulously  T Violet

32 Days of Vintage Days 10, 11 and 12

Hello loves, still wearing my fabulous vintage pieces when I can just not doing a good job of posting. So, I've combined three of the days instead of making three different posts because there's really no story behind this set of pics.

Day 10
 I couldn't get a good pic to save my life. I'm wearing a really cute vintage belted skirt I picked up from a thrift store in Washington DC. I love the color and the big black buttons down the front. I paired it with a ruffle top and black sweater! This is was my work look.

Day 11
This was another work look. I thought about cutting this dress but I really like it the length it is and it has pockets (which has nothing to do with me cutting it) lol I wanted to wear different shoes but decided to be a little more conservative for work. I paired it with a vintage black belt and colorful vintage necklace and chunky braclet.

Day 12
Ok so I had a little more going on this day. Went for a walk on the canal in Indy. This dress I've had for a while. I actually cut this one, it used to be just below my knees but I like my dresses short (as you can see) lol Because I knew I'd be walking I paired it with a pair of sandals and hit the pavement!
Thanks for reading!

Liv..Life..Fabulously  T Violet

Friday, August 10, 2012

32 Days of Vintage Day 9

This was the last day my family was in town, I convinced my uncle to take a few pictures of me. I had a ton of stuff to do before I had to head out of town for the rest of the month (yes gone for a month) so I wanted to make sure I was comformtable. I threw on my favorite pair of vintage loafers and paired it with my fav handbag that I found for $2.99! #winning. lol 
I love this one. My uncle kept calling me Diana Ross, I couldn't stop laughing

This is literally the most pictures I was able to convince someone to take of me at once. lol I think he was so taken with himself at his Diana Ross jokes that he didn't realize I'd posed for like 10 pictures. lol

My uncle Davie (King Vamp) and I
Live..Life..Fabulously  T Violet

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

32 Days of Vintage Day 8 - Family Fun Day

Day 8 was of course days later than day 7 but hey, here are the pics! I thrifted this top from a thrift store in DC. I've been holding on to it for almost a year wonder if I would wear it. It's really colorful and fun to wear. I like it beacuse I can wear it in the summer or the fall.

This particular day we were having an impromtu family cookout so I wanted something that was simply yet fun. My oldest uncle of course didn't approve of my outfit because my shorts were short, he kept yelling "put on some clothes" lol. It was so much fun getting to be with all of my uncles at once, that was a first.

My handsome uncles and I

32 Days of Vintage Day 7

Yes so I've seriously been slacking. After leaving NYC I had to to get home, pack and head to Myrtle Beach within a few hours. Needless to say I didn't pack enough vintage to continue on with my days. I was able to get some pictures and will continue with my vintage postings this week. I took a picture on Monday but it didn't come out right so I'm going to repeat the outfit later this month to get a good shot!

Below is day 6 I wore one of my favorite vintage dresses. It used to be almost to my ankle and I had all of that fabulous material chopped off. Looking back I wish I had kept it long because it was really cute. This was one of my last days on the beach. I surely miss it there, and not just the beach.

Thanks for watching!

Live..Life..Fabulously   T Violet

Thursday, July 26, 2012

32 Days of Vintage Day 6

I almost skipped yesterday, after traveling from NYC to ATL then to SC I was exhausted and you can tell if you look at my eyes in the pictures. My flight was delayed coming home from NYC so by the time I got home and did what I had to do it was 4:30 am before I made it to bed then I was right back up at 6 to get to the airport.  Nevertheless, I still managed to snap some pics in my new FAVORITE vintage top! Can you say LOVE. My photographer didn't tell me to fix my collar. lol

Ok now you can see why this is my new fav shirt. It's fitted and the colors work so well together. I actually picked this up at a Goodwill in Myrtle Beach. I was initially unsure about it but once I tried it on I knew it was staying in my closet! So, unlike the other pieces that I've worn during my 32 days, this is NOT for sale! :)

Live..Life..Fabulously  T Violet

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