Thursday, March 31, 2011

M. Michele Designs by Michael Michele for Midwest Fashion Week

Actress turned Designer Michael Michele graced Indiana with a preview of her new collection M. Michele designs. Michael's collection had something for everyone of every body size and height but is marketed more towards the professional business woman. The collection is a mix of well tailored suits, dresses, tops and skirts. I for one would love to have a few of the pieces in my closet!

I love this white suit!

Michael Michele created a piece for her mother to wear during the show and honey, Mrs. Williams had a lot of sass! She seemed a little nervous before going out but when she got out there, you would have thought walking the runway was something she did regularly!

Michael Michele's mother
Michael Michele is no stranger to the runway, she did modeling earlier in her career. She did a great job with her finale walk. Click here for the video courtesy of Nightlights tv. Thanks Amy and Jason!

I have to say that Michael Michele is VERY nice and personable, I've met a few other celebrities that didn't want to deal with "common folks" and you couldn't pay them to speak. My experience with Michael Michele was very pleasant, every time I spoke with her she was very nice. She was EXTREMELY nice to the models, she gave everyone a hug and thanked them for coming. I found her to be a very "hands-on" designer, down to her selection of the shoes each model would wear.

Michael Michele adjusting the pants of her model

Michael Michele and I backstage

Erica and I

Michael Michel with her sister (Erica), son (Jay Brandon) mother and father after the show
Micheal Michele with her models and mother
backstage fun

models in M. Michele Designs

 Photo Credit:: Lenny Williams of Pride Photography (others are from my camera)
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  1. Those pieces are very nice. I really like the dress in the first picture, it seems to hug the models curves.

  2. I've always loved Michael Michele and thought that she was a beautiful person but seeing what you had to say about her elevated that level of respect. You're right, celebrities often feel like they're better than other people who aren't on their level. It's great to see that she's not one of them.

    Now, her designs are hot! Where can I purchase them?

    Danielle Evans

  3. That white suit is bad-ass.

  4. She has a beautiful family. The clothes look great. She did a really good job designing them.

  5. Hello all and thanks for your comments.

    Here is her website, check back frequently for updates!

  6. Nice collection. She's a classy lady so I expected classy pieces.


  7. What an awesome collection. She has done us proud.


  8. These pieces are very nice. Something that the everyday woman could wear. I like them a lot and could see myself in a few of the looks. Michael did a great job designing the pieces

  9. I really like Michael Michele. The first black dress is nice, I like the white suit but I'm in awe of the black top with the pants.


  10. Where can I see more of these pieces? Of all the collections you posted on your blog this is my favorite. I can tell its geared towards my age group 30+. The skirts aren't too long or too short, they're perfect. The little black dress looks good on Michael Michele and on the model. Two different body types and it looks great on both of them. Its rare to see a white suit and the one above is gorgeous. I feel like it's something I could wear to work and out at night. Pushing the sleeves up gave it a totally different look.

    Lana Edwards

  11. It was a pleasure meeting Michael Michele, she was very nice backstage, I thought she was very humble. I really enjoyed her collection, and was glad she choose MFW to premier it. MUCH SUCCESS!!!!

    Michael Grant
    Backstage Production Manager

  12. Very classy collection

  13. I'm a fan of your work. especially your film work. Are you still acting and will you be in Chicago, IL to show case your fasion lines?

    Cris F
    Chicago, IL